Sustainability is to maintain a healthy environment as well as business. It means to ensure our people, that we are surrounded by the environment which is to be looked after very well. Sustainability is a holistic approach for the progress of the business, prosperity, people and the planet.

  • We believe in, “Safety of the people is the highest law”. Our employees are our assets and providing them the best safety and working environment helps them in nurturing their health.
  • We have the safety policies enunciated by our management is a requisite at each and every stage.
  • We make sure that each of our workers has been enrolled in a life insurance scheme before any work is allotted to them. Moreover, they are regularly provided with necessary health facilities.
  • We incorporate regular training sessions and workshops to make our employees better aware of the practices and rules to follow while working
  • Also, our workplaces incorporate globally compliant safety standards by means of both practices and equipment.
  • Moreover, we have set examples in the industry by inculcating a sense of teamwork and ethics amongst all our employees.
  • Inculcating the right attitude and imparting the right knowledge comes on top of our checklist.
  • As a result of all this, all our employees regularly come to work with a smile on their faces and leave with a sense of satisfaction.
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    • This zooms-in really well and smooth

    UPL is constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint and has been part of our core philosophy since inception. Focused efforts to care for our environment are practised every day across our business.

  • We are the stakeholders of the environment and are motivated by a thriving spirit to help in its renewal.
  • Evidently the nature of our work reflects our thriving spirit to nurture the environment but it is not just limited to our choice of business, but it ranges to the operational practices too.
  • With the continual aim to achieve high efficiency, we successfully use high-end mechanisms in the best interests of environmental sustainability.
  • To achieve the high efficiency in operations and to strengthen the global struggle to ensure environmental sustainability, we opt and promote high-end mechanisms.
  • Providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the problems of our clients has been a tradition at Eiffil constructions, where we urge our clients to adapt to this changing world.
  • We have been successful in diverting a considerable amount of waste from landfills into recycling. Also, Eiffil boasts of all its machinery to be silent and emission-free.
  • We believe in environmental sustainability, over time has been a guiding principle for all construction and will continue to remain so.
  • Our work is driven in the best interests of our clients.
  • We regularly invest in new technologies and services that help us in providing our clients with a world-class experience.
  • Not only we provide tailor-made solutions to each client’s specifications, but also help them in finding a better and innovative design.
  • Our word is our commitment and we ensure that each and every project is not only completed well before the deadline but stands firm in its innovation.
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    • This zooms-in really well and smooth
  • We aim towards bringing a positive difference in our community with the work that we do.
  • We regularly keep on helping the underprivileged by training and recruiting those who strive to earn a living.
  • Also, to ensure gender equality, a significant portion of our workforce comprises of women.
  • These are the small ways in which we try and help the society we live in.
  • With a promise of adapting to the fast-changing world, and learning from our mistakes, We take our cultures forward into building a better world for all, by means of our professionalism and sustainability.
  • Conservation today for tomorrow

  • Water management is vital for achieving future water security. Our irrigation projects for various towns in India has made it easier for the people to fulfil their agricultural, and domestic demands to enhance development activities
  • We have also completed many wastewater treatment projects which have made a step towards achieving the SDG 6.
  • Our works of rejuvenation of infrastructure in various cities have helped us reduce overall non-revenue water by approximately 20000 cum per day.
  • On-site we always thrive to adopt the 4R (Reduce, recycle, reuse, reprocess) policy for the natural resources.
  • “Freshwater, in sufficient quantity and quality, is essential for all aspects of life and sustainable development. The human rights to water and sanitation are widely recognized by the united nations. Water resources are embedded in all forms of development (e.g. food security, health promotion and poverty reduction), in sustaining economic growth in agriculture, industry and energy generation for maintaining healthy ecosystems.

    Achieving Sustainable development goal 6

    Goal 6.2

    Achieve access to sanitation and hygiene and end open defecation

    With our work of Underground drainage network, treatment of sewage and provision of the capture of wastewater from the towns, we are extending our hand towards the provision of access to sanitation for all. Improved sanitation for all Is something which we must thrive for.

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    • This zooms-in really well and smooth