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Work Ethics

A uniform code of Ethics is expected by Eiffel Constructions for all its employees. Eiffil has been conducting all its operations in a fair and ethical manner, and will continue to do so. High standards of work ethics are inculcated amongst all employees who join Eiffel Constructions. Employees shall not bring defame to the company, and shall always indulge in activities that help maintain the company’s reputation and integrity.

  • No employee shall, by any means involving the company, seek benefits that are illegal, and hence refrain from abuse of power.
  • No employee shall get involved in insider trading.
  • Employees must respect the confidentiality of the proprietary information owned by Eiffel Construction and must strictly maintain the non-disclosure policy of such information, unless instructed by the owner to do so.
  • All employees must strictly adhere to all rules and regulations, whether they are applicable to the company, or to the Indian Republic.
  • All employees must realize the importance of conducting fair business, and hence must report to the concerned authorities in circumstances when the Code of Ethics is undermined.

Honesty and integrity lies in the foundation of Eiffel Constructions, and we encourage all our employees to take pride in the followers of the same. Any behavior that compromises the Code of Ethics will result in strict action being taken against the employee.