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Emplyee Satisfaction

At Eiffil Construction, “Safety of the people is the highest law”. Employees are our assets, and providing them the best safety and working environment helps them in nurturing their health. At Eiffil Construction the safety policies enunciated by the management is a requisite at each and every stage. The company makes sure that each of its worker has been enrolled to a life insurance scheme before any work is allotted to them. Moreover, they are regularly provided with necessary health facilities. Also, our workplaces incorporate globally compliant safety standards by means of both practices and equipment. We incorporate regular training sessions and workshops to make our employees better aware about the practices and rules to follow while work. Moreover, we have set examples in the industry by inculcating a sense of team work and ethics amongst all our employees. Inculcating a right attitude and imparting right knowledge comes on top of our checklist. As a result of all this, all our employees regularly come to work with a smile on their faces, and leave with a sense of satisfaction.